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Upset The World Study Guide

Tim Ross

Study guide to accompany the book Upset the World by Tim Ross
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1 Aug 2020

Availability Date: 1 Aug 2020

up·set (verb): to disturb or derange completely

Following Jesus is not a safe course of action, it can upset your life and others. How does He do that? Through random acts of kindness, unexpected encounters, or a friendly stranger. Upsetting people can break down barriers and build relationships.

Pastor Ross teaches you how to:

Create a new ordinary of relating to others

Practice listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice

Learn how to do everyday evangelism

Love everybody (even people who disagree with you)

Change the way people think about Christianity

Upset the world with the message of hope and the love of Jesus Christ.

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Product Name Upset The World Study Guide
Author / Artist Tim Ross
EAN / ISBN 9781951227081
Release Date 1 Aug 2020
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