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The Smile of God

Andy Hawthorne

What does it mean to have God's smile on your life? You can't win God's favour - it's been won for you.
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"I absolutely know that the gospel is true and that it works like nothing else. So this is good. I should be happy, right? But after all these years I'm left with the slightly frustrating question - why haven't we seen more?"

You can't win God's favour - it's been won for you. But you can live in such a way that you know his smile on your life.

If you're tired of comforming to the pattern of the me-centred world....
If you're open to the disciplines and the passions of a real man or woman of God....
If you're ready to trust God in times of discouragment or outright opposition....
...then let this book kick start, or fire you up again.
God's smile awaits you

"A real page turner and heart changer loaded with Andy's raw passion and vision. Don't miss it" Jeff Lucas, author, speaker and broadcaster.


1. A smile for all of us
2. A smile worth waiting for
3. A smile worth trusting
4. A smile behind the clouds
5. A smile worth chasing
6. A smile worth the price
7. A smile through the pain

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Product Name The Smile of God
Author / Artist Andy Hawthorne
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781842912362
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