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The Undoing

Bethel Music Presents Steffany Gretzinger

Bethel Music's Steffany Gretzinger first solo CD The Undoing.
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Bethel Music’s Steffany Gretzinger has crafted an intimate collection of original songs, debuting her first solo album.

The Undoing began from what Steffany describes as “the moments in-between”: the life we live in between our corporate worship gatherings. What does it look like to worship in the process of growth, love, pain, healing?

The Undoing is a whole-hearted response to this question and the journey it beckons, resulting in 11 lyrically-rich tracks bearing fresh melodies and unique instrumentation. Some songs began in spontaneous worship, others began as personal prayers or were written for friends.

The album’s anthemic track about trust, Steady Heart, is laced with atmospheric vocals and sonic intricacies. With honest lyrics and provoking textures, Promise I Always Will explores the unfolding of covenant relationship. Hymn-like in quality, Out of Hiding is a pointed ballad sung from God’s perspective over his beloved.

The Undoing invites listeners to embrace not so much the destinations we reach with God, but the many processes we walk out in this life with Him: the crucial moments along the way. It is from this place that Steffany has translated her experiences and passion into songs that are sure to last.

Product Details
Product Name The Undoing
Author / Artist Bethel Music Presents Steffany Gretzinger
Format CD
EAN / ISBN 0700615372614
Release Date 3 Sep 2014
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