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On The Shores

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Bethel Music's Jonathan David & Melissa Helser exciting release.
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Jonathan and Melissa recently joined Bethel Music Artist Collective, bringing with them a rich history of passionate worship. On the Shores possesses the lyrical creativity and abandonment in worship that distinguish these artists.

Jonathan expresses their heart for the project, “As songwriters, we write to express the language of our seasons to God and to man. We gladly give these songs to you – the listener, the worshipper – to pour your own heart over. May you find Him consistently good as we have.”

Jonathan and Melissa Helser are worship leaders and songwriters whose hearts yearn to see a generation encounter the love of God. In 2014, they joined the Bethel Music’s Artist Collective. The songs they sing come from the journeys they have taken, the albums they have recorded come from their collisions with God’s love.

Jonathan and Melissa live with their two beautiful children in Sophia, North Carolina where they co-lead a multi-generational ministry called A Place for the Heart. For the last 14 years, they have devoted their lives to disciple a generation. When they are not travelling, they are leading schools, internships and pursuing kingdom family and community.

Product Details
Product Name On The Shores
Author / Artist Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
Format CD
EAN / ISBN 0707470578571
Release Date 23 Feb 2015
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On The Shores

Love Song

Faith Is Rising


Explode My Soul

Earth Like Heaven

Redemption Rain

Threshing Floor

Just One

Empty My Soul


Endless Ocean