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Here I Am To Worship

Tim Hughes

Do you long to be more involved in leading worship in your church?
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Do you long to be more involved in leading worship in your church?

Do you want to become a more effective member of the band, or find a way to develop your creative skills in songwriting?
With personal honesty and humility, Tim shares his journey into worship, helping us to see the reasons why we worship God, and why we need to get our hearts right with Him, before looking at the practicalities of:

- the musical dynamics of a band

- leading worship

- choosing the song list

- the art of songwriting

- small group worship
and more...

‘To read this book is to share in a journey of discovery, of truths encountered, principles gleaned, mistakes made and lessons learned. A valuable companion for all worshippers...’ Graham Kendrick

In the UK Tim Hughes is one of a small group of British worship leaders and song writers that have continued to shape and define the faith journeys of worshipers young and old for the last ten years through his music.

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Product Name Here I Am To Worship
Author / Artist Tim Hughes
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781842914137
Release Date 1 Jan 2001
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