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Everyday Supernatural

Mike Pilavachi & Andy Croft

Living a Spirit-Led Life Without Being Wierd
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This award winning title from Soul Survivor's Mike Pilavachi & Andy Croft now contains a new study guide.

Most Christians believe in God’s power, yet few see evidence of the supernatural in their lives. Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft believe that God wants each of his followers to know the work of the Holy Spirit. In Everyday Supernatural, they explore:

• How to live a Spirit-filled life that is consistent with Scripture

• How to use the gifts of the Spirit as everyday tools

• Practical ideas for prayer

• Why sometimes healing doesn’t happen

• Ways to show dependence upon the Holy Spirit

Everyday Supernatural is an engaging, biblically based invitation to make supernatural power a part of everyday life.

Mike Pilavachi is the pastor of Soul Survivor Watford in London and the founder of Soul Survivor, an international movement that equips young people to make a difference in their generation.

Andy Croft is the co-pastor of Soul Survivor Watford and is the co-author with Mike of the book Storylines.

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Product Name Everyday Supernatural
Author / Artist Mike Pilavachi & Andy Croft
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9780781414999
Release Date 11 Jul 2016
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