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Signs - Wood DVD

Erwin McManus

"The third riveting film in Erwin McManus's Signs series, Wood unpacks the idea of choices.
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"The third riveting film in Erwin McManus’s Signs series, Wood unpacks the idea of choices.
"Making choices in life often seems as if we're in a jungle and there's no clear path. In Genesis 3 we read about the Tree of Life, the place of man's first rebellious choice—and we see that each choice creates the future for ourselves and our relationship to God. Everything is interconnected.
"The film portrays a hunter sprinting through a lush jungle; trees whipping past him as he searches for a path. The man eventually comes to a symbolic "tree of life" and faces a choice of his own. We discover that love is a choice, faith is a choice, and in fact, choice can be a creative and deeply spiritual act."
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Product Name Signs - Wood DVD
Author / Artist Erwin McManus
Format DVD
EAN / ISBN 9781434703200
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