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Divine Detours

When God Messes Up Your Plans

Sion Alford

Sion Alford's book explores what happens when God orchestrates a detour from the path we thought we were on.
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God may give you a clear dream with an unexpected path.

We are impatient to get started. Once God confirms our life’s calling, we want to dive straight in. But God often orchestrates a detour for our benefit that prepares us for more than we could ever imagine.

The dream as you picture it may have to die to make way for a better one. Drawing from his own experiences, Sion Alford explores how believers can:
  • Learn to trust God’s timing
  • Recognize His faithfulness
  • Grow in maturity
  • Discover their resurrected dreams


Chapter 1: What Makes Your Baby Jump?
Chapter 2: Dream: On!
Chapter 3: The Dream Weaver
Chapter 4: Dream Detours
Chapter 5: Bitter or Better?
Chapter 6: Ambition or Burden?
Chapter 7: A Gift Catalog
Chapter 8: The Anointing
Chapter 9: Anointed Gift
And more!

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Product Name Divine Detours
Author / Artist Sion Alford
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9780996566261
Release Date 1 Sep 2019
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