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Exploring the Mysteries of Real Worship with Study Guide

Lamar Boschman

Lamar Boschman explores authentic worship aiming to understand what worship is really about and discover its beauty and depth.
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Do you long to express your deep affection and adoration for God?

Are you surprised by the passionate emotions that accompany your worship?

Do you wonder about the mysterious relationship between mortals and an immortal God?

When most Christians hear the word worship, they automatically associate it with singing a song; however, real worship is more about who you are than what you do. It is about your relationship with the great God of heaven and earth. Worship is intangible, but facets of it can be discovered and experienced. As you find fresh expressions of worship, you will discover that its beauty and depth are unending. All creation worships God, so real worship most certainly concerns you and me.


Chapter 1: Wired
Chapter 2: Morphed
Chapter 3: First
Chapter 4: Wonder
Chapter 5: Called
Chapter 6: Devotion
Chapter 7: Mobile
Chapter 8: Expressions
Chapter 9: God Talk
Chapter 10: DNA
Chapter 11: Celestial
Chapter 12: Revealed
Chapter 13: Public
Chapter 14: Verdict
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Product Name Authentic
Author / Artist Lamar Boschman
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781945529351
Release Date 1 Sep 2019
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