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Bible Fun Stuff: Rock The Room Games

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When children get restless, let off steam with these laugh-inducing, high-energy games-some collaborative team efforts, some individual endeavors. Designed specifically for second and third graders, Rock the Room Games presents page after page of spirited games that incorporate team building, sharing, and problem-solving concepts while teaching biblical principles and God's Word. Only simple props such as flashlights, balloons, hula hoops, or paper cups are required. Kids learn while they laugh, playing everything from a life-sized game of tic-tac-toe to team races to musical chairs. With teacher tips, Bible references, and thought-provoking questions that tie the game's application to the Bible reference and everyday life, you've got everything you need to rock the room!

A part of the Bible FunStuff series, Rock the Room has twenty-six creative games to engage kids with fantastic Bible-focused, high-energy fun! Correlated with Bible-in-Life and Echoes curriculum for September 2009 through June 2010, it's loaded with innovative ideas, includes Scripture references and teacher tips, and provides a great resource for alternative Step 3 activities. This handy resource fits well with any curriculum or can be used for stand-alone activities.
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Product Name Bible Fun Stuff: Rock The Room Games
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