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Franchising McChurch

Thomas White & John Yeats

Feeding America's Obsession with Easy Christianity.
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Feeding America's Obsession with Easy Christianity.

We live in a fast-food nation where the service is efficient, the products are peer-tested, and size is king. And this consumer-driven approach is seeping into the church. Across the country churches are creating entertaining, pop culture-savvy services that feel more market-driven than ministry focused. And what's on the menu? A proven blend of dynamic music, high-tech dazzle, and topical teachings. And just like any successful product, churches are launching campuses that build on their brand.

Franchising McChurch takes an honest look at the rise of consumer-minded ministries. Candid and compelling, it calls us back to the heart of Christ's church and shares the Biblical design for delivering meaningful, life-changing ministry in a fast-food world.

Dr. John Yeats is the Assistant Professor of Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served churches in Texas, Indiana, and Illinois in a variety of pastoral roles. John, his wife Angie, and their four children reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Thomas White is Vice President for Student Services and Communications, as well as a faculty member at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Thomas, his wife Joy, and their daughter Rachel live in Crowley, Texas.
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