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God Built

Steve Farrar

Shaped by God... in the Bad and Good of Life.
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Shaped by God... in the Bad and Good of Life.

Our world is in desperate need of bold, passionate men of integrity. But such men aren’t born; they’re built, shaped and formed by God, like a metal worker carefully guiding a piece of rough sheet metal over an English wheel, seamlessly forming the smooth gas tank of a custom chopper.

God Built explores the defining spiritual process that makes men “men of God.” Best-selling author Steve Farrar guides men through the story of Joseph, a humble shepherd who overcame tremendous odds to become an influential leader. Readers discover the process to become true men of God, as He works in ways not always understood and sometimes painful, to slowly build character.

Men will uncover the biblical pattern for growth, gain insights into common frustrations and difficulties, and become equipped for the journey ahead. It is possible for today’s man to be God Built.
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Product Name God Built
Author / Artist Steve Farrar
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781434767271
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