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Adrian Holloway

Dan's Back. Back from the Dead. Now there'll be trouble. The brilliant sequel to the award winning The Shock of Your Life.
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Daniel was the sole survivor of a road accident that propelled three young people into the afterlife.

Now he's back, and ready to convince his friends and family that Jesus is their only hope before they face judgement after death.

Profoundly changed by his experience, he's nevertheless shocked to discover that other people can't share his certainty. In writing the story of Daniel and his friends, as they wrestle with the arguments for and against Christian belief, Adrian Holloway has given readers and youth leaders a unique weapon in their spiritual armoury. There really is nothing quite like this.

Product Details
Product Name Aftershock
Author / Artist Adrian Holloway
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781842911761
Release Date 7 Apr 2015
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