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Messy Church

Ross Parsley

When God created the church, He didn't build a corporation. He created a family.
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When God created the church, He didn’t build a corporation. He created a family.

We are not called to be consumers who ask what the church can offer us. Instead, we are called to be a family, loving deeply, fighting fairly, and bringing hope to a new generation. A true family is where we are known, loved, accepted, and ultimately, where our deepest needs are met.

Our culture is dying for the kind of community that only the church can provide-if we are living as the family God intended-protecting one another, extending grace, and loving unconditionally.

In Messy Church, Pastor Ross Parsley shares his compelling vision for a better way of life. It’s called church-and it’s a place where no one gets left behind.

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Product Name Messy Church
Author / Artist Ross Parsley
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781434799371
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