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Anthems Of A Champion


Carman is an enigma in Christian music, often described as part evangelist, part Vegas Showman.
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Carman is an enigma in Christian music, often described as part evangelist, part Vegas Showman. His concerts were more like a rock and roll Billy Graham Crusade than a Christian music event. After all the singing, dancing, clapping and preaching, throngs of people would stream down to the counseling area to accept Christ-many times as many as 5,000 in an evening. Admission was usually free, a simple offering taken, similar to 30,000 churches on Sunday mornings. And he filled the largest stadiums the world over. With 2 Platinum and 7 Gold albums and 2 Platinum and 3 Gold long-form videos, Carman is more than just an A-list artist, he is a cultural phenomenon.

There's no way you can classify a Carman song by its style but rather by the shear blunt-force impact delivery in a person’s life, with an unmistakable Gospel message. If there is any original trademark to Carman's repertoire, it is what we could only identify as a 'story song'. A combination of drama, rock, comedy, funk, satire, acting, singing, and preaching, all woven together by an unpredictable wit that can only be described as a full length feature film in 7 minutes. A style not duplicated or even attempted by any other artist in any other musical genre. With compositions like "The Champion", "Lazarus Come Forth", “Mission 3:16,” "Witches Invitation", and "This Blood," simply put, Carman is a true American original.

Anthems Of A Champion features the best of Carman with 4 new recordings of his hits “The Champion,” “Lazarus Come Forth,” "Radically Saved," and "I Feel Jesus"
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Product Name Anthems Of A Champion
Author / Artist Carman
Format CD
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EAN / ISBN 5099923219328
Release Date 21 Feb 2013
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Faith Enough

The Flag (New Song)

Lazarus Come Forth (New Recording)

Who's In The House

A Witch's Invitation

No Monsters

I Feel Jesus (featuring Hope Loftis) (New Recording)

Radical Suite (That's My King / Radically Saved) (New Recording)

Mission 3:16

Sunday School Rock

Great God

Addicted To Jesus

The Champion (New Recording)

America Again

Serve The Lord