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Hell Is Real: But I Hate To Admit It

Brian Jones

Does hell matter?
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Does hell matter?

Pastor Brian Jones wants readers to know the truth.

Jones believes that the reason most Christians don’t tell their friends about Jesus has nothing to do with not knowing
how—it’s because they don’t think they need to.

As Jones writes, the first four years he was a pastor, he didn’t believe in hell himself.

Today, he shares his story of discovering the truth that hell exists—and why many Christians are afraid to believe in it.

Hell Is Real motivates Christians who have grown complacent in their view of hell.

Drawing on the teachings of Jesus, Jones leads readers into a head-on collision with apocalyptic urgency—the allconsuming, inspiring conviction that will overcome readers when they realise that hell is real and they can help save people from going there.

Hell Is Real: But I Hate To Admit It - Trailer
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Product Name Hell Is Real: But I Hate To Admit It
Author / Artist Brian Jones
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9780781405720
Release Date 14 Nov 2011
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