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Think Orange

Reggie Joiner

Imagine the impact when the Church and family collide.
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Founder of the Orange Conference, Reggie Joiner looks at what would happen if the church and families combined their efforts to create a revolutionary strategy to affect the lives of children.

Families and churches are each working hard to build faith in kids, but imagine the potential results when the two environments synchronize, maximizing their individual efforts. What can the church do to empower the family? How can the family emphasize the work of the church? They can Think Orange. Former family ministry director Reggie Joiner looks at what would happen if churches and families decided they could no longer do business as usual, but instead combined their efforts and began to work off the same page for the sake of the kids. Think Orange shows church leaders how to make radical changes so they can:

Engage parents in an integrated strategy
Synchronize the home and church around a clear message
Provoke parents and kids to fight for their relationships with each other
Recruit mentors to become partners with the family
Mobilize the next generation to be the church

With a transparent, authentic approach that gives every family and church hope for being more effective in their common mission, Think Orange rethinks the approach to children's, youth, and family ministry.

Reggie Joiner is the Executive Director of Family Ministries for North Point Ministries. He leads the staff responsible for pre-school, children, student, and married adult ministries. He is also the creator and co-host of Kidstuff, a weekly environment where kids bring their parents to learn about God. As founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Rethink Group, a non-profit organisation, he helps provide resources to churches for creating better strategies for reaching the next generation.
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Product Name Think Orange
Author / Artist Reggie Joiner
Format Paperback
EAN / ISBN 9781434764836
Release Date 1 Jul 2009
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