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2 for 1 - ZOEgirl/Life


US girl band's first two releases from 2000 and 2001 repackaged as two for the price of one.
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Two full albums- one great price! The Two-for-One series pairs past releases from prominent artists, offering two albums for the price of one.

They've got the irresistible pop grooves you hear in a dance hall, and the rejuvenating message you find in the gospel! Get hooked on this trio's spirited vocal delivery in "I Believe," "Anything Is Possible," "Suddenly," "Give Me One Reason," "Living for You," "Upside Down," "Little Did I Know," "Stop Right There," "Constantly," and more.

Upbeat, energetic dance beats mix with polished pop melodies and straightforward, relevant lyrics to let you know that "zoe" means life---life in Christ. Includes "With All of My Heart," "Dismissed," "R U Sure About That?" "Forever 17," "Nick of Time," "The Truth," "Here and Now," and more.
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Product Name 2 for 1 - ZOEgirl/Life
Author / Artist ZOEgirl
Format CD
EAN / ISBN 5099920723927
Release Date 1 Jan 2008
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With All Of My Heart

Stop Right There

Nick of Time

Forever 17

Here and Now

The Truth

I Believe

Anything Is Possible


Give Me One Reason

Living for You

Ordinary Day

Little Did I Know

R U Sure About That?

Upside Down

Live Life


No You


Even If